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What is Career Coaching?


Career coaching is a broad term that describes support provided by a qualified professional who specialises in helping individuals with their career goals. Typical areas of focus include:

  • establishing a career plan that's focused on your goals

  • making an impact in a new job role or company

  • career change - exploring options and identifying next steps

  • end to end support through the job search process

  • mentoring through a challenging situation or crisis at work

  • guidance through  redundancy and/or outplacement

Why should I engage a Career Coach?

Friends and family can be a great support for talking through work issues but sometimes, we need professional help from someone objective.


Career coaching provides you with the time and space to explore aspects of your working life that you're looking for support on. However, a career coach is not there to solve your problems for you or to tell you what to do.


When engaging a career coach, it's important to choose someone who you feel comfortable with - in terms of their relevant experience or expertise as well as from a personality fit perspective. 

If you're feeling unhappy at work and don't know how to change things or if you're thinking of changing career,  coaching from a qualified professional can make a big difference. To find out more about career coaching, book a free 15 minute call. 


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The six hour Transformation package is designed for people who are looking to work through a more complex career issue or issues. 


This type of coaching works best for those who have a good idea of the outcome they're looking for and are prepared to work, both inside and outside of sessions, to achieve it.  

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The Transformation package is for when you are committed to making a change in your working life but know it's not a quick-fix.


Previous client topics for this package include:

  • Having a desire for career change but unsure what to do next. 

  • Wanting to change perceptions of oneself at work. 

  • Changing habits at work.

  • Enhancing leadership or management skills.

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The Transformation package consists of six hours to be taken over three months though most clients schedule their sessions every two weeks. Sessions combine coaching and mentoring and online support is available outside of face to face sessions. 


Sessions are one hour long and take place on Zoom.