Marble Surface

Hourly coaching from £95 per hour.  

Marble Surface



  • 6 one hour coaching sessions.

  • Ideal if you are looking to make a significant change such as changing career or taking on a more senior job role.

  • Includes email and telephone support at no extra cost.  



  • 4 one hour coaching conversations.

  • Ideal if you have been out of job market for a while or have been unsuccessful with steps you have taken so far.

  • Professional guidance through each step of your job search including CV design, self-marketing and interview.

  • Includes email support at no extra cost.



  • 3 one hour coaching sessions.

  • Ideal if you are looking for mentoring on a particular issue that is causing you concern or holding you back.



  • 90 minute interview simulation with 30 mins feedback.

  • Ideal if you're looking to improve your interview performance or prepare for an upcoming interview. 


Catering Director, London

'I highly recommend Sian. I was struggling to make real progress with different aspects of daily life - an inability to prioritise or to see the bigger picture. Sian provided a rational viewpoint, delving deeper into specific concerns to help me find logical solutions for myself. Identifying areas for development, establishing strengths and weaknesses, creating a plan of attack, goal-setting and reviewing actions were all part of the process. For me this has led to a clearer vision and defining of my short and long-term goals.

Sian is personable, encouraging and offers a trusting environment in which to talk openly.'

Digital Programme Director, Oxford

'I was referred to Sian to help me resolve a difficult situation I was facing.  It took just two sessions for me to see the value. In that time, I observed Sian was, in a friendly and almost imperceptible way, getting me to logically talk through the scenario I was in. She asked the right prompting questions and completely understood the business and personal elements I talked through. I found Sian's past work experience meant she understood the situation as if she'd seen it first hand herself. But the key thing was that she didn't tell me what to do or push me to make a decision - she simply helped me to work it out for myself.'

Research Professional, Cardiff

'I started coaching sessions with Siân at a time when I was juggling a heavy and increasingly overwhelming workload. Siân is an attentive listener and she also brings great personal congruence to conversations. As the coaching progressed, I found I was able to be more decisive and was better able to communicate my intentions and actions. I found I was able to be more ambitious and took greater prepared risks. I am now clearer (with myself and others) about what I am aiming to achieve at work and about how that fits with the goals of the organisation. I have been successful in making a case for promotion. Put simply, the coaching sessions with Siân have been invaluable.'

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