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Do you sometimes feel like you're fumbling in the dark when it comes to your job search?  Maybe you've dipped your toe in the water with a few job applications, but failed to get any bites?

Perhaps you've had a few interviews but they didn't come to anything and you're now feeling fed up and unsure of what to do next.

You know your search needs.....something.


It's tough out there but you're certain you have the skills to get a new job that will give you what you want....whether that's a step up, a new challenge, or more money.  You know you want to make a change but you have a feeling you're just not playing the game as well as you could and you aren't sure what to do next.

You need some help....and the good news is that we can help you.

The Shine Programme is a six session coaching programme designed to provide you with all-round support to help you succeed in your job search. Made up of six one hour 121 coaching sessions and unlimited offline support, this programme has helped many people like you secure the job they want.

the shine programme


The Shine Programme is made up of 6 focused career coaching sessions structured around your specific needs. We take a flexible approach that enables us to dedicate time to the areas where you feel you need more support.

Over the course of the programme which is usually spread over 12 weeks, you'll receive personalised support and guidance to help you with smarter job searching. We'll work together on refining your CV and enhancing your LinkedIn profile to improve your reach. You'll also receive thorough interview coaching that will help build your confidence and prepare you for every interview question eventuality. 

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Get market-ready. Research. Focus. Search strategy. Branding. CV. LinkedIn.

Launch. Targeted applications. Recruitment agencies. Networking. Covering letters.

Persuade. Preparation. Presentations. Interviews. Practice.

Dan, Chief Architect

 "Sian has a lovely warm approach to coaching, helping to build confidence in oneself while still ensuring that the right skills are developed for the outcomes being sought. 

For me, the real success of the coaching is that I now have a killer CV that opens doors and gets me into the interview process and  I have developed a set of interview answers which means I'm much more confident in interviews."

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