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Whether you've been job searching for a while or are looking to start, we'll support  you at every step of the way. 

We'll work with you to create an effective job search strategy which will:

  • Help you identify target organisations and suitable vacancies.

  • Establish best methods of marketing your skills to prospective employers.

  • Undertake a review of your CV and provide constructive, practical feedback. 

  • Provide ongoing support and evaluation to make sure it continues to have the  required impact.

  • Guide you through maximising your LinkedIn profile.

  • Undertake mock interviews and 121 coaching ahead of job interviews.

  • Coach you to make the most of job selection exercises or ability tests.

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Dan, Chief Architect

What was your reason for seeking a coach?

Having been employed within an organisation for circa 20 years I had an objective to change roles and experience work in a different organisation.  To do this I recognised that I needed to develop my job search skills and interview techniques.

What format did the coaching take? 

Sian provided a series of 1 to 1 coaching sessions exploring why I wanted a change from the organisation I worked at previously and helped me refine my story.  This was translated into a CV which has opened many doors for me.  Additional we worked through the recruitment process so that I knew what to expect and finally we worked through a series of mock interviews developed around a series of opportunities that I was perusing. In total, I had five sessions.

Did you achieve your original objectives?

Yes.  The outcome of the coaching sessions is twofold – (1) I have a killer CV that opens doors and gets me into the interview process and (2)  I have developed a set of interview question answers which I am more confident in interviews.

Is there anything unique about Blooms Coaching that you think is worth highlighting?

Sian has lovely warm approach to coaching, helping to build confidence in oneself whilst still ensuring that the right skills are developed for the outcomes being sort.

Was there anything you found particularly good or helpful?

The mock interviews were extremely useful.  Helping to identify answers which were weak and needed developing, along with pointing out improvement in interview techniques.

Would you recommend Blooms Coaching to friends or colleagues?

I already have!