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Whether you've been job searching for a while or are looking to start, we'll support  you at every step of the way. 

We'll work with you to create an effective job search strategy which will:

  • Help you identify target organisations and suitable vacancies.

  • Establish best methods of marketing your skills to prospective employers.

  • Undertake a review of your CV and provide constructive, practical feedback. 

  • Provide ongoing support and evaluation to make sure it continues to have the  required impact.

  • Guide you through maximising your LinkedIn profile.

  • Undertake mock interviews and 121 coaching ahead of job interviews.

  • Coach you to make the most of job selection exercises or ability tests.

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Nicola, Head of Publishing

What was your reason for seeking a coach?

I had left the company where I worked for almost 20 years for another job which hadn’t worked out as I had hoped. After spending a year freelancing I decided I needed some help getting back into the industry. I had tried a career coach before who I found less than helpful and knew I needed to rethink. I found Blooms Coaching during a web search and thought the site looked very professional so I signed up for a free consultation. Sian and I discussed my situation after which she sent me a proposal via email.

What format did the coaching take? How effective did you find this?

We had 1:1 calls on Zoom which worked very well. We also used Google docs so that we could work on my CV and covering letters together. I had 12 sessions in total.

Did you achieve your original objectives?

Absolutely and more! Sian not only found the ad for the position I applied for, she guided me through the tailoring of my CV, the writing of a cover letter and uploading of my application. I was invited to an interview so Sian proposed a plan of attack to get me through it involving a mock interview, detailed feedback, coaching as well as a good dose of moral support.  I got the job!

Is there anything unique about Blooms Coaching that you think is worth highlighting?

Sian is very perceptive and seems to understand your weaknesses (one of mine being procrastination!). She kept me focussed and didn’t allow me to dodge or wriggle out of the tasks in hand! 

Was there anything you found particularly good or helpful?

You don’t only pay for the contact time. Sian works behind the scenes in order to tailor the sessions to your specific needs. I felt very supported and really appreciated ad hoc emails / texts during and after the recruitment process.

I would recommend Sian and Blooms Coaching without hesitation - she has helped me turn my life around and I intend to ask Sian to work with me again on the next steps in my career.