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Career coaching
from £95 

To move forward when you feel stuck in your career, you need to gain clarity on the underlying issue and then take the appropriate action to move on. Easy right?

But what if you don't actually know what the underlying reason is....or the required action feels too big or too risky.  What do you do then? Do you carry on as you are or do you take action to move you forward? 

Being stuck can be an emotional rollercoaster where you fluctuate between feeling you can manage the situation to feeling demotivated and despondent. All very draining. 

Working 121 with a career coach can help you get to the heart of the issue much more quickly than working alone, meaning you can get the clarity you're looking for to take the next steps and move forward.

My approach combines powerful questioning techniques with practical exercises and insights from my 2o years' experience as a chartered HR professional. 

I offer affordable pricing bundles that can be purchased in line with your needs. 

To find out more about career coaching, book a free 15-minute call.


Client feedback: Amar's story

Amar is a Programme Director working in the Technology sector


What was your reason for seeking out a coach?

I felt I was ready for promotion but it didn't seem to be happening and I wasn't sure why. I wanted to work out what the reason was and to tackle it in terms of actions I could take.


What format did the coaching take? How effective did you find this?


Sian had an initial consultation with me and I decided on six hourly sessions every fortnight. She stripped it back to basics on why I wanted to get promoted and from there we structured each session focussing on a particular area that I was concerned about. I was helped to formulate a set of concrete actions I could take.

Did you achieve your original objectives?

Yes, I did! The action plan Sian helped me put in place resulted in my promotion within 6 months


Is there anything unique about Blooms Coaching that you think is worth highlighting?


Blooms Coaching is a boutique practice, so you definitely get the personal touch. Sian will also go above and beyond in terms of her coaching, quite often extending a session and doing some additional research for your area   


Was there anything you found particularly good or helpful?


Sian is very experienced and knowledgeable, she is excellent in leading you to your own conclusions and making you feel in charge, so you feel confident in the steps you need to take  

Would you recommend Blooms Coaching to friends or colleagues?


Would you recommend Blooms Coaching to friends or colleagues?

100% - without a doubt. The coaching has been immensely helpful for my career.

Any other information to add?

I asked Sian if we could have further ad-hoc sessions following my initial set of sessions. She is very accommodating as she has helped me with other aspects around upward management later on. I would say she is an extremely useful asset to have on your side when tackling any work or career-related issues.

To find out more about career coaching, book a free 15-minute call.