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ARE YOU THINKING of changing careers?

If your answer is yes then you're not alone! According to a recent study by the London Business School, 47% of the 1,000 individuals surveyed wanted to change their careers. Of those surveyed, more than one in five workers (21%) were looking to move roles within the next twelve months, with increased salary prospects, better work-life balance and improved job satisfaction cited as the main reasons for wanting to make a switch.

Whatever your reasons, changing your career - particularly when you're well established - can be a scary prospect. Indeed, one of the key reasons why employees stay in careers they no longer enjoy is because of the job and financial security they offer....but what if you want more than that?


Exploring your options


Research has shown that those who are the most satisfied and motivated by their work are in careers that truly reflect who they are; careers that reflect their true nature and their real passions; careers that draw on their innate strengths and employ their favourite skills. 


With this in mind,  a core element of our 12-session Career Change programme goes deep into who you are as a person. This structured programme combines the practical with the creative while employing coaching techniques in tandem with specific exercises and powerful visualisations.


By the end of the career change programme, you will have transitioned from uncertainty about your next step to having a clear vision of the career that's right for you and an action plan for how to create it. 

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