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Career change coaching
from £320

To help you find work that you’ll enjoy, I use Firework™ the UK’s leading career change process. It’s a great framework with three phases – Explore, Dream and Discover.

The Explore phase is about getting clear about what you want from both your work and your life in general – knowing what you want from your life outside work helps you to make a sound choice about what you want from your working life.

You answer interesting, thought-provoking exercises outside your coaching sessions and we then explore them in more detail to uncover what makes you tick, and what you really want.


At the end of Explore, you have a blueprint of yourself, including:

  • Your values

  • What makes you feel purposeful

  • Your favourite skills and biggest strengths

  • What motivates you about work (apart from paying the bills)

  • What a great way of working/organisation looks like for you

  • What most interests you

  • Your achievements

In the second Dream phase, you generate new career options and because you have the blueprint of yourself and what you want that you created in Explore, you can judge how good a match these options are for you.

When you’ve chosen the option that’s the best match for you, in the final Discover phase, you create a plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

The number of sessions you need depends on where you've got to in your thinking about what's next. If you know that you want to create totally new career possibilities, the full programme is around 12 hours but this can be less if you’ve already done work on some of the areas yourself. 

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