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Interview skills coaching

Focused around your individual needs, I share my extensive experience of conducting job interviews to help you refine your performance ahead of that all-important job interview,


Guiding you through the preparation process, I create a list of likely competency-based questions focused on the job you are applying for, then help you shape your response to each question.


Support is then provided to help you refine your interview skills by rehearsing relevant questions as many times as you like, providing appropriate feedback as we go along.  

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Client feedback: Jasmine's story

Jasmine is a financial services professional who undertook five interview skills coaching sessions with Sian. 

What was your reason for seeking an interview skills coach?

After being furloughed and subsequently terminated from my role due to the pandemic, I had been finding my job search quite tricky because of the situation we were in and things were going very slow to say the least!  After applying for countless roles, I finally managed to get an invitation to interview.  I knew I needed some help since I had been out of work for some time and out of the industry for a long time.

What form did the coaching take?

Conversational review of my work history and competency interview practice all done over Zoom 121’s.  Sian was able to pull out the most relevant questions to practice with from the job description which certainly helped immensely!

Did you achieve your original objectives?

Definitely. Sian was very thorough and pushed me in a really gentle and constructive way to ensure I was fully prepared for the interviews. And it worked because not only was I offered one role but also another that I was interviewing for. I know that she was instrumental in me landing my dream role!

Is there anything unique about Blooms Coaching that's worth highlighting?

I found Sian, clear, concise, and thorough in her coaching.  She gently encourages and pushes you in the right direction, especially as I am someone that can sometimes get distracted and run off on a tangent!  She instinctively knew how to manage that aspect of my personality.

Was there anything you found particularly good or helpful?

She had a lot of patience and kindness in helping me to prepare for my interviews, she was quick to respond to any questions I had and was able to work around my schedule to help me during our sessions.  Even though I only required help for interview practice, she also guided me with my contractual negotiations.  She went above and beyond.

Would you recommend Blooms Coaching to friends or colleagues?

I thoroughly recommend Sian for anyone needing help with interview success.

To find out more, book a free 15-minute call.