CV & LinkedIn review    £190

Sessions are focused on your specific needs and broadly include: 

  • Two 60 minute or four 30 minute 121 sessions over Zoom

  • Unlimited online support 

  • Expert evaluation of your CV and feedback on how to revise and reformat to maximise the impact

  • Assessment of your LinkedIn profile and guidance on how to optimise it to meet your needs

  • Support creating an impactful covering letter

To find out more, book a free 15-minute introductory call.

My Background

As well as being an experienced ICF career coach, I am an experienced recruiter and interviewer, having hired for many different job roles over the course of my career. I have been extensively involved in reviewing and shortlisting CV's and application forms, as well as leading recruitment at graduate and experienced-hire assessment days. I have conducted thousands of candidate job interviews over the course of my career, including those focused around competency questions.    

As a coach, I have helped many people successfully market themselves through creating high quality CV's and covering letters, as well as guiding them to create innovative and interesting LinkedIn profiles to help them raise their profile and 'get seen'. Book a free 15 minute call with me to find out more. 

To find out more, book a free 15-minute meeting.

Client feedback: Andrew's story

Andrew is a Video Editor. 

What was your reason for seeking a coach?

I had been furloughed and realised the company I was working for might not make it. I had been there for a long time and realised I needed to get my CV and LinkedIn in order to start looking for new jobs.

What format did the coaching take?

Video call and email.

Did you achieve your original objectives?

Yes. I didn’t have much experience with LinkedIn and hadn’t written a CV in a long time, so Sian’s input was vital. She also made suggestions that are relevant to my sector such as creating a website to show my skills.

Is there anything unique about Blooms Coaching that you think is worth highlighting?

Sian’s experience as a recruiter is beneficial as she can present the other perspective and knows what is valued.

Was there anything you found particularly good or helpful?
Sian drew out the detail of what I’d achieved in each job then helped me with the language on my CV to make sure I was selling myself as best as possible.

To find out more, book a free 15-minute call.