£875 for 12 sessions

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The full Career Change programme is twelve sessions long and designed to help you get clarity about what you want from your career, giving you the opportunity to move into a job that is meaningful to you. 

For those looking to focus on a specific career change issue, there is flexibility to modify the programme from twelve sessions, as appropriate. 

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Research has shown that those who are most satisfied and motivated by their work are in careers which reflect who they really are; careers which reflect their true nature and their real passions; careers which draw on their innate strengths and employ their favourite skills; careers which allow them to honour their deeply-held values.


Because of this, the EXPLORE phase - the foundation of this coaching programme - entails a long, hard look at who you are as a person followed by an exploration of your key work preferences. ​

By the end of the EXPLORE phase, you will be very clear about what you must have in your new career to be satisfied and motivated, which then acts as the acid test for evaluating any future career ideas or job opportunities.




This is a very creative part of the coaching programme where together you generate a number of possible new career choices.


The idea here is to be expansive, to think outside the box, not to be constrained at this stage by traditional notions of what’s possible.

The most attractive ideas are then explored in more detail, before being narrowed down to your most attractive option, which is then worked through in the final DISCOVER phase.



The DISCOVER stage is the point where you investigate the top possibility that was generated in the DREAM phase.


Together we will use a creative and empowering process, which lets you turn your vision for an exciting career that's right for you into a soundly-based action plan that you can easily follow to make it happen.

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