£255 for 3 hours

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Our packages are all created around your individual coaching or mentoring needs. Purchased on its own, this price package gets you three one-hour, 121 sessions and works well for people who are keen to make immediate progress on an issue. Packages can also be combined as appropriate.


Before starting any coaching programme, it's important that you have a clear idea of what you are looking to achieve and that you are in a frame of mind where you are motivated to put in the work to achieve it.  

This package affords you three hours to focus on making real progress. 


simple easy fast solution concept, probl


This three-session package works well for when you know you want (or need) to make a specific change and would like someone to support you through making it happen in the best way. 


Previous client topics for this package include:

  • Creating a quality CV and LinkedIn profile from scratch.

  • Developing a short or longer-term career plan.

  • Getting in the right place to building a case for a promotion.


  • Improving the quality of the time you spend at work.

  • Managing your manager or other key clients.

simple easy fast solution concept, probl


Given the short-term nature of this package, most clients are keen to make progress, scheduling their sessions every two weeks.


Sessions combine coaching and mentoring and online support is available outside of face to face sessions. 


Sessions are one hour long and take place on Zoom.